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Wardes Argentina since 1974 is dedicated to the manufacture, sale and repair of Airless pneumatic equipment and special painting systems, technologically developed for the application and atomization of paints and a wide range of products, such as special paints, antioxics, zinc rich , adhesives, epoxy, sealants, fillers, among others.
As of 2020 we have incorporated the CORR BLAST brand founded by Eng. Carlos Correché and with more than 30 years of experience in the field, in the design and construction of equipment. WARDES CORR BLAST offers a complete line of equipment for the treatment and preparation of surfaces by projection and recovery of particles driven by compressed air (sandblasting and shot blasting). Latest generation designs in this type of equipment with manual and robotic applications, and manufacturing under IS0 9001 Standards, make up a line of high productivity, efficiency and safety equipment.