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Coalescing Filter

Coalescing filters are used for the removal of moisture and oil in compressed air lines.

With the appropriate flow rate, it retains more than 95% of the water and oil aerosols present in the compressed air lines.

In sandblasting and shot blasting, the removal of wet aerosols from the compressed air line is extremely important, avoiding the formation of lumps in the abrasive and the projection of water and oil on the surface to be prepared.

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CORR BLAST coalescing filter system, with highly resistant metal casing. Flange closure with sealing o'ring. With inlet and outlet connections of 1 ½ "female thread. Allows a flow rate of Sm3 / min at a pressure of 7 bar.

The cartridge, made of micro fiberglass and borosilicate paper, retains solid particles and oil aerosols down to 0.0lum. Residual oil content of 0.0lmg / m3.

With manual drain at the bottom.