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Hoppers for sandblasting and shot blasting

CORR BLAST hoppers allow working with steel shot, sand (not recommended due to its unhealthy conditions) and any other type of abrasive, without the need to make changes to the equipment or circuit accessories.

CORR BLAST hoppers are manufactured under ASME code (Boller & Pressure Vessel Code) and are enabled with prototype and design approval by LAW 11,459.

They are delivered with approval certificate and hydraulic test.

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Tank: manufactured under ASME code with approval of Law 11.459.

Capacity: 300 lts. 1200 Kgr. of steel shot or 450 Kgr. of sand.

Outputs: 1 mouth.

Control: Remote, dead man system, pneumatic or electric, Manual Control.

Total height: 1300 mm.

Occupied diameter: 1000 mm.

Total weight without load: 250 Kgs.

Movement: it has two wheels and a support structure. The movement can be carried out by a person with the hopper unloaded.

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