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Shot Blasting Booths
Pressure and suction cabinets

These models are designed for work with heavy abrasives, such as steel or stainless steel shot.

They are used for all types of shot blasting work, for components that can be placed within the booth space.

For work with light abrasives, such as glass microspheres, aluminum oxide, steel shot (small granulometries), plastic abrasives, organic or sand (not recommended due to its unhealthiness).

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It is a modular system that includes:

- Shot blasting cabin

- CB-70-DM projection system

- Extraction and filtering system

It can be used in a closed circuit inside the booth, or by removing (easily) the CB-70-DM projection equipment for use outdoors.

The spray nozzle is a high performance tungsten carbide Venturi design with high wear resistance.

They work on all types of surfaces, metallic and non-metallic: steels, stainless steels, aluminum, bronze, plastics, ceramics, etc. They are used in the recovery of parts of all kinds, engravings, decorative finishes, etc.