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Natural abrasive, ideal for superficial cleaning of delicate pieces. Its elastic property allows the removal of

surface impurities without affecting the characteristics of the base material.

It is biodegradable, non-toxic, reusable and does not produce sparks or static. These characteristics make it suitable for

work in environments with flammable factors and food processing.

It is used for mechanical stripping on delicate parts such as connecting rods,

pumps, soft metals, white goods, automotive, wood, etc.

It works by layer, being able to control the level of cleaning to be achieved.

It is also ideal for work on walls, old facades,

monuments, etc. Removing graffiti, graffiti and natural dirt without

chop the surface of the material.

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Main applications:

‐Removal of graffiti

‐Recovery of statues, facades and tiles

‐Cleaning of mechanical components

-Cleaning supplies in ind. nutritional

‐Painted in automotive

‐Recovery of wood

-Opaque of hard plastics

‐Surface cleaning on stainless steels