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Glass microspheres
Glass microspheres are made from pure, inert, ground glass. Through ovens at temperatures of

fusion, spherisation of these particles is achieved.

An inert, pure glass spherical abrasive with resistance to impact fracture is obtained.

When projected, they hit the surface, without leaving contamination or impurities, releasing everything that is not metal


Due to the sphericity of the particles, cleaning and removal occurs by hitting the surface without affecting the

base metal and detaching everything that is attached to it.

The result is almost abrasion-free surface cleaning on the base metal and a satin semi-gloss appearance, very

sought after in decorative finishes.

Its use of engravings is extremely convenient because it does not affect the masks either.

Lastly, as it is spherical, it is used in shot peening tasks, normally with Almen grade "N".
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Main applications:

‐Low abrasive cleaning and removal

‐Decorative finishes


‐Shot peening