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Operator filter cartridge

This filter cartridge is delivered hermetically packaged to protect the activation of the carbon, which once in contact with air, lasts approximately six (6) months.

The container is removed only after mounting on the filter.

The life of this cartridge is approximately 6 months, but it must also be replaced when the pressure drop is greater than 85psi or when the deodorizing action is no longer perceived.

This filter removes particles down to 0.5 microns, oil and water mixtures, but does not remove carbon monoxide.

When carbon monoxide is suspected to be present in compressed air, carbon monoxide alarm monitors should be used. For this reason, it is recommended to use oil-free compressors to supply the breathing air.

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It is recommended to keep a record of filter cartridge replacements, detailing the date of installation and the date of replacement.

The replacement must be done if:

- Unpleasant odors are detected.

- The filter begins to damp the helmet.

- A significant drop in air pressure delivery is detected.

- The filter was used 40 hours a week, for 3 months.